Central Services

Central Services

Central Services are an extremely important aspect of daily hospital operation.

Diagnostic Imaging

24 hour service / 365 days a year (including CT and heart scans, among others).

It includes a patient waiting room with work stations and administrative staff with IT training. It also includes the following teams, whose studies involving both images and reports are found in the computerised medical history, using RIS-PACS, and can be accessed by the specialists from their consultation rooms.

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Clinical Analysis

The Clinical Analysis Laboratory serves the hospital environment by dealing with requests from all Perpetuo Socorro Hospital units, while simultaneously serving outpatients who request the service, at its own facility.

The continuous healthcare unit of the Clinical Analysis Laboratory is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for any analysis request for hospitalised patients and of those who are admitted by our Emergency services.

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Perpetuo Socorro Hospital’s Emergency Unit is a healthcare service open 24 hours a day to treat urgent cases.

Efficient treatment is vital in any medical emergency. This unit is made up of highly-qualified professionals, in order to treat adults and children 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It also has latest equipment to treat all types of pathology with the aim of stabilising the patient.

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Surgical Block

Perpetuo Socorro Hospital’s Surgical Block is a fine example of accuracy and coordination in the workplace.

It offers a high-quality scientific and technical service and is made up of a prestigious multidisciplinary team that is constantly being improved and perfected.

Their main objective is to efficiently offer maximum quality and security in all their therapeutic interventions.

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Pathological Anatomy

Effort, dedication and improvement are what characterise Perpetuo Socorro Hospital’s Pathological Anatomy Unit.

This unit works closely with the specialist, thus optimally treating the illness.

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Perpetuo Socorro Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit has a highly-qualified multidisciplinary team that provides specialised hospital treatment.

Intensive care staff, pneumologists, cardiologists, anaesthetists and surgeons treat critically-ill patients who require constant monitoring and supervision.

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Haematology and Haemotherapy

The objective of Perpetuo Socorro Hospital’s Haematology Service is to offer information services regarding haematology in order to give support to clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic decisions that the healthcare sector demands.

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